The first photos and video of the fall of Radwan Fayed “the escape master”

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French media, posted the first pictures and video of the fall of the gangster, Radwan Fayed, the master of the prison escape by helicopter.

The French police announced on Wednesday, that they arrested the gangster, Radwan Fayed, who escaped from prison last summer.

French authorities announced the arrest of Fayed in the city of Karoui, in the northern province of Ouaz, announced the outgoing Interior Minister Gerard Colomb.

Fayed is considered one of the most wanted by the French security forces after shaking his image with his frequent escape, most notably his escape from his prison in the suburb of Ciné-Marne three months ago using a helicopter.

French media have posted pictures of Fayed, who is surrounded by police officers, his chin partly long, and furniture and clothes scattered on the ground.

French police allowed the media to photograph the contents of the apartment where Fayed was hiding, and the police did not expect him to be there, especially since he was a small apartment in his fourth-floor home.

France’s “France 3” television channel said the apartment may not have been his only hiding place within three months of escape. Some people confirmed his vision in Belgium, near the city of Ouaz, where his family and friends are located.

The French police said that the arrest of Fayed, as a result of the efforts of more than 100 investigation men, commissioned them to find the interior of the gangster months, especially as the way to escape shook the image of the French police in the street.

The story of the Algerian gangster began to spread when French newspaper Le Figaro published a report confirming Fayed, 46, from Roue prison in the Seine-Marne suburb east of Paris with the help of three of his companions, That they all flee.

French justice minister Nicole Beloube said the three Fayed assistants were like a well-trained commando unit and were likely to use unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor the area before carrying out the escape.

The helicopter landed in the courtyard of the prison at 11:30 pm local time, which was not covered by a protective net, at the time of Fayed’s brother’s visit. Two of them landed with the helicopter’s captain. The gunmen used smoke bombs to disperse the guards. They left his brother who was present to visit him.

Radwan was sentenced to 25 years in prison in April after he killed a policeman in 2010 during a robbery.

After the chase failed, the drivers stopped and got out of the car, and when the police arrived found inside the car on the material suspected of being explosive materials, lightning and false driving boards, and evidence suggests so far available to the involvement of Radwan Fayed, a criminal who escaped a helicopter from prison weeks ago, According to Le Parisien and Le Monde.

According to the newspaper “Lobaresan”, pictures of surveillance cameras placed in the commercial center’s position show a person believed to be Radwan Fayed, a fugitive who escaped from prison by helicopter on July 1.

It was not the first time Faid escaped from prison. He fled in 2013 less than half an hour after he arrived at the Sikden prison in northern France outside Lille. Four prison guards were taken hostage as human shields and a number of prison doors were opened. He was arrested six weeks later. “

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