The French Spiderman Climbs a skyscraper in Paris without ropes (video)

Alan Roper, who was dubbed the “French Spiderman “, climbed a skyscraper in Paris on Monday, without ropes to raise money to renovate the cathedral of Notre Dame.

Television footage showed the 56-year-old man using the horizontal beams on the curved façade of Angie’s headquarters and a structure stretching along the 185-metre-long glass-fronted building in the La Défense business district.

Robert stopped regularly to put chalk on his hand, and was arrested shortly after landing after he finished climbing.

He told “Reuters ” Before climbing the skyscraper “because there is no money in the government coffers, the cathedral suffers neglect.” He added that his patrons freed a cheque worth 5,000 euros (5650 dollars) to help finance the restoration process.

Robert climbed over 100 buildings, including the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and Burj Khalifa in Dubai, as well as the same tower in Paris in 2016.

The Archbishop of Paris is campaigning to collect more than 100 million euros to save the crumbling statues and gothic arches of Notre Dame Cathedral.

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