The largest flower in the world “Amorphophallus titanum” opens up in a unique phenomenon

  • Amorphophallus titanum buds
  • Amorphophallus titanum
  • Titan arum
  • Titan arum2

The Kew Royal Botanic Gardens of London witness a rare and unique phenomenon, with the world’s largest flower Blossomed and release the world’s most odious smell.

The giant 3-meter-long Amorphophallus titanum “Titan arum” Buds¬†scent is similar to the smell of eggs, rotten fish or rotten meat.

This is why the flower is called the flower of the corpse, and the color of the flower petals from the inside ranges from red to purple, while the color outside the light green cup.

But the flower Blossoming lasts only two days and then closes again, but that was enough enter the large flower into the Guinness Book Records.

The root of the Amorphophallus titanum flower, a tuber weighing up to 50 kilos, is used to eat in the Indian Peninsula countries.

This type of flower “Titan arum” was discovered in 1878 in the forest west of the Sumatra island of the Indian Ocean, but it was almost extinct by human activity and is rarely seen in wild nature, and is often cultivated in botanical gardens.

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