The magic of persuasion .. 7 qualities to convince people with your ideas easily

Who does not want to be someone who can convince those around him? Whether you work in the field of sales, or even in another area, and you want to convince your manager of your plan, or you want to convince your family of a picnic, or your friends in your views, the idea of ​​persuasion remains a goal for most people, which can become very easy. By following those qualities that only the person who is convinced to others has.

Know what you want
The masked person is well aware of his abilities and goals, while he knows that the urgency of presenting the idea leads only to negative results, and therefore does not argue much, but through short words, can reach his mind to the mind of the listener very quickly.

A good listener
You can not convince others without being a good listener. You will be able to know how your interviewer values ​​your words, understand their own assumptions, find appropriate and convincing responses, and listen to an opportunity to agree on a mutually satisfactory view.

Citing the facts
It is easier to persuade when quoting facts and events that have already occurred on the ground, away from any emotional or unreal things, which makes their words weight heavy, can never be questioned.

Giving sacrifices
It is not always necessary to be a victor in your own world. Your sacrifice at one time may give you a greater victory, while convincing your interlocutor of the main idea. To agree on what will create a common ground for both of you will make it easier to convince the other party of your cause.

Know the time of silence
The masked speaker realizes that he has to be silent some time. Talking again will be a waste of time, sometimes as a negative factor that does more harm than good. Silence will give others a sense of comfort to speak and present their thoughts without skirmishes.

Do not attack others
A personal attack on your opponent, or underestimating him or his ideas, is not and will not be a real reason to convince him, but will increase his approach to a defensive approach, difficult to talk from the ground, while respect all of his views to communicate wonderful and useful to you first of all.

Totally honest
know that lying in a piece of information may give you a false victory, and it may be temporary also to discover the sincerity of what you said.

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