The moment the two aircraft collided at Sudan capital’s airport (Video)

Video footage, spread on social media sites, was shown at the moment of the collision of two Sudanese air force planes on Wednesday morning in the al-Qaeda base in Khartoum International Airport.

The incident occurred after the return of the aircraft from a local training, said the reporter, “Sky News Arabia” that the incident resulted in the injury of eight people and a plane crash and damaged a large interrelated, two of the aircraft “Antonov AN30”, and “Antonov AN32”.

The airport authorities said the facility had been partially closed by the incident, with no official details yet.

However, Sky News Arab sources indicated that the collision occurred because of the landing of the planes one behind the other directly.

Wednesday’s incident was the third to be exposed to the old and worn-out Sudanese air force in less than a month.

On 21 September, the two pilots crashed Sudanese military training during their helicopter near Omdurman, the twin city of the capital Khartoum on the West Bank of the Nile was killed.

This came days from the crash of a military helicopter in the troubled Darfur region while landing after a routine mission after, confirmed the army then save all the passengers without the declaration of their number.

Most of the Sudanese air fleet consists of Russian-made aircraft, and suffered over the past several years, incidents, consistently this attribute army to technical problems and poor weather.

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