The most beautiful beaches of the world at the same time the most dangerous

We may think, when looking at some of the world’s beaches, that it is like the paradise of its beauty, while the evidence confirms that it is the most dangerous of the waves and predatory sea creatures, so today we talk about the most beautiful beaches of the world and the most dangerous at the same time, only to warn.

Playa Zeppolite Beach

Surprisingly, this beautiful Mexican beach is called the beach of death, and the reason is its severe waves, which have killed a few not a few of its pioneers, but reassured that the number has declined with the high efficiency of rescuers and increase their numbers as well.


Queensland Bay

Looking at other nearby beaches, this Australian beach is the best in terms of the absence of predatory crocodiles, but this does not prevent the presence of other aquatic animals no less dangerous, such as poisonous snakes, beside jellyfish and spiders.

Shenzhen Beach

It does not have predatory whales or poisonous snakes, but the source of the danger of the Chinese mainland is the huge numbers of tourists and people in the city, which are frequently visited throughout the year, causing several major accidents.

New Smyrna Beach

It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Florida, but is beauty alone enough? This famous beach has entered the Guinness World Encyclopedia as the most visited beach of fierce whales attack on its pioneers, making it the most beautiful and dangerous beach too.

Maho Beach

Although it is very close to an airport there, this does not make the beach on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin a dangerous place. It is a gathering center for photography enthusiasts who aspire to take pictures very close to the planes above the beach.

Heard Island

The island is located in the Indian Ocean, and its main problems are with very low temperatures there, which always cause some severe drops in the temperature of their bodies.

Hanakabai Beach

This beach is located on the American island of Hawaii, a beach that is visually impressive but with heavy waves, which increases the danger of the beach after the rescue centers, which threatens the lives of everyone swimming there unfortunately.

Gansby Beach

Predatory whales are spread over the South African coast of Gansby, so swimming in the swimming pools is the only refuge to escape from the dangers of white whales controlling this beach.

Strathys Beach Yorkshire

Unfortunately, this British beach is not being used to the required degree, because its seawater mixes with poisoned sewage, at rates that do not even come close to the safety standards of the beaches.

Recife Bay

Predators did not find their way to the beach of Praia de Boa in Brazil’s Recaive Bay before 1992, but as the ecosystem changed as a result of overfishing there, whales have been attacking beach hordes in recent times, making this Brazilian beach one of the most dangerous beaches in the world. Absolutely.

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