The most common types of cows around the world

Human beings raise many animals since ancient times, and they are originally wild animals, and then humans take refuge in some of them and help them in their housing or farms to benefit from them. Some raise them for protection and guarding, and others raise them to benefit from their meat, skins and milk, and some keep them for fun. Human cattle have been used since ancient times, and in this article will be mentioned the most famous types of cows in the world.

The most famous types of cattle in the world

Cows are ruminants and previously lived in nature in a wild and coarse way. Cows are used for many purposes, such as: turning the mill, hauling carts, and getting meat, milk and leather. It is known that there are many breeds and species of cattle. These breeds differ from one another The amount of milk and meat produced, and the most famous types of cows in the world are as follows:

This breed is a German-Dutch breed. It is one of the oldest breeds and is known for its abundant production of milk. It occupies the first rank among the breeds and adapts to different climates.

Gracie is a British breed whose size is small and produces high-fat milk. Its color tends to be creamy or gray and can live in cold or warm weather.

Brahman: This breed lives in a tropical climate warm, large size, and has a hump of flesh over her shoulders, while the color is black or gray, a hybrid type.

The Irish dynasty: The color of its skin is white, a Scottish strain, and its color is between brown and white.
Aberdeen Angus: This breed originated in Scotland. It has no horns, its color is black, and its meat is good and useful.

Levant Cattle: These cows originated in the region of Al-Ghouta in Damascus, and adapts this strain with the environment significantly, and resist viruses significantly, and milk of excellent quality, while the color of Fermidi or blond, and large size.

Charley: White color and large size, and the calves grow rapidly, a French type.
Jersey: The oldest breeds of cows in the world, yellow color spotted white, and the color of milk is orange, and originated in Jersey.

HERFORD: Its color is white and originates from England, a rapidly ripening cow and its production of large milk.

Devon: The origin of this breed of England.

Sementhal: Swiss origin, and widely spread in Europe, and characterized by its meat as good quality.

Highland: This breed originated in Scotland.

IRELAND: I grew up in Scotland and produce milk in large quantities.

brown Swiss: originated in Switzerland and spread in Europe, and produces milk abundantly.


Difference between milk cows and beef cows

It is possible to distinguish between the two main types of breeds, the first type is characterized by its abundant production of milk, which is raised to obtain milk primarily, and the second type of breeds are raised to get the first class love; because their production of milk is a little sometimes, although Some breeds are characterized by their abundant production of milk and meat, and the most important cows and dairy cows are as follows:

Milk cows: Breeds include: Holstein, Jersey, Swiss structure, Levant.
Meat cows: Breeds include Angus, Choriola, Hierford, Blue Acetian and Blue Pelican.

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