The most famous myths about genes and genetic traits

We often read some medical information about genes and inherit traits, and we all believe them without thinking, which is often proven to be inaccurate, which we make clear to you in the following lines.

Difference of father and mother nationalities
Many believe that the birth of a child of mixed genes, father and a mother of different nationalities, always leads to a more attractive child, an inaccurate belief.

On the other hand, the scientific truth confirms that children of different nationalities have access to a stronger immune system than others, which causes them to have better health and possibly a more youthful and vibrant face.

Genes and mental illnesses
Of course, father and mother genes sometimes affect the psychological condition of their children, but this does not happen exclusively, only the chances of such diseases are increased.

For example, if one of the parents is depressed, the child’s chances of becoming infected are multiplied by the same disease, while the chances of schizophrenia are about 8 times higher, if one of the parents suffers.

Birth and War
There is a common belief among some that the birth rate of male children rises sharply in times of war, something that is irrelevant.

The sex of the newborn may be determined by several things, but not by wars.

The presence of a parent addict may lead to the birth of a son as well, but it is not necessary to verify. The son may be addicted to the use of harmful things, unlike his father, and vice versa.

In particular, addiction is caused by several causes, including genetic traits, as well as the surrounding environment, as well as the method of upbringing and upbringing.

The susceptibility of the disease can be inherited, but it is different for its genes.

The incidence of cancer caused by the genes of a parent is very low, ranging from 5% to 10%, and applies to certain types of cancers, such as stomach cancer, colon, breast, ovary, lung, skin, and blood.

parents and Personality
This belief may be the closest to the truth, among all the foregoing, where the children inherit the father’s personal qualities.

Genetic genes clearly influence the way things are handled, and things are seen, bearing in mind that the surrounding environment may change some traits, hiding part of it, or showing it badly.

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