The most searched car company in Google

In a new study conducted by Veygo website about the most searched automobile companies around the world, the site found that Toyota attracted the interest of the vast majority around the world to be the most searched automobile company via Google in year 2018.

The number of searches for the term “Toyota” reached 7.8 million. Compared to Honda, the number of searches has reached 7 million, followed by Ford with 6.4 million searches.

The study found that Toyota was the most researched company in the North American continent, in addition to the majority of other countries around the world such as the Gulf states, Australia, the Philippines, and New Zealand. While BMW has been ranked second globally by research operations in 25 countries around the year, Mercedes is third in 23 countries around the world.

On the other hand, the study found that Bagani is one of the most rare automobile companies researching in Google.

To be among the lowest car companies looking next to Accuora and Chrysler.

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