The official disclosure of Polystyrene 2, to rival Tesla Model 3

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After a series of excitement here is the polystyrene unveils its completely new polystyrene 2 car, an electric sedan ready to rival Tesla Model 3.

Polystar 2 has a typical design style from the Swedish Volvo company. It features a high design that adds spaciousness to the car and bold pause. The interior design is simply styled and luxurious.

Under the chassis, polystyrene engineers put a 78-kilowatt-hour battery pack that allows the car to go 500 km before recharging and with its 408 hp engines will feature a sporty performance where it can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 5 seconds.

In the luxurious cabin, polystyrene 2 will provide modern systems including Google’s assistant, Google Maps and Google Apps store with an 11-inch screen, in addition to which the car will carry a smartphone access system.

The goal of polystyrene 2 was clear, says the head of the designs of polystyrene Maximilian Missoni “We decided to bring something different to this category of cars. The development of our distinctive polystyrene design 1 is more daring. We have also designed a standard eco-friendly interior design that includes progressive textiles that will attract the future audience that will participate in polystyrene 2 ″

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