The phenomenon of wonderful silver clouds

Scientists believe that the appearance of silver clouds formed in the layers of the Earth’s upper atmosphere may be related to the eruptions of the ancient Krakato volcano.

Silver clouds in the earth’s atmosphere are 70-95 km above the Earth’s highest clouds. Also called polar clouds or nighttime clouds. These clouds are semi-transparent and can sometimes be seen on summer nights from locations in the mid- and northern latitudes.

“The fact that this phenomenon was not seen before 1885 has made many scientists believe that its appearance is linked to a major disaster on Earth, the eruption of the Krakato volcano in Indonesia, on August 27,” said a joint statement by Russia’s Cosmos and Moscow Planetarium in Moscow. In 1883. At that time, about 35 million tons of volcanic ash and an enormous amount of water vapor were released into the Earth’s atmosphere. ”

These clouds need three factors: sufficient water vapor, low temperature, and dust minutes condensing water vapor molecules into crystalline crystals that diffuse sunlight, giving the clouds their distinctive color, blue and dark blue.

Silver clouds (only at night due to high altitude) can be seen in the northern hemisphere, from mid-June to mid-July, between the latitudes 45 and 70, and the phenomenon will be clearer between 55 and 65. In the southern hemisphere, they can be detected from areas between latitudes 40 and 65.

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