the Phones used by the ruling class in North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Young-yun and his ruling class are using Western-made mobile phones, according to a study by a US network security company, although the Kim Yong-yun regime is strongly opposed to Western lifestyle.

The study by Recordid Future was based on an analysis of technology data used by North Korea’s ruling class.

“Our analysis indicates that the ruling elite in North Korea uses many American and Western-made devices to connect to the Internet,” the company said in a report on its website.

Among the devices that the company has identified is the use of iPhone phones from iPhone 4 to iPhone X, the latest generations of this Apple phone, and the Galaxy S phone, produced by South Korea’s Samsung.

The study, which collected information on North Korea’s technological infrastructure, also revealed, through others, Pyongyang’s challenge to the US ban on the export or sale of US technology.

“The narrow inner circle of leadership in North Korea, like the leaders of the ruling Communist Party, the military, the intelligence services and their families, are the only ones allowed to own computers and connect to the Internet in independent ways,” she said.

Among the Western devices used by North Korean leaders to connect to the Internet is Apple’s MacBook laptop and Microsoft’s Windows mobile devices.

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