The relationship of sleep deprivation and the desire to eat fast food

A modern German study linking the lack of access to adequate sleeping hours, and the insatiable eating of fast food, multiple health harms for human, how does that happen?

Sleep and food relation

It seems that spending one night without sleep is enough to increase the desire for fast food, which has long been known for its health damage, where researchers from the University of Cologne, Germany, have confirmed the negative consequences of irregular sleep, the time of Increasing binge eating fast food.

The researchers from the renowned German university relied on some 32 volunteers, aged 19 to 33, each with a meal of pasta, meat, apples and yogurt, before the volunteers were divided into two teams, one of whom returned home with a sleep tracker, while the other team remained To practice some activities in the university’s laboratory.

The next day, the two teams returned again, to measure their glucose levels, before they were all subjected to a new test, to see images of 24 different types of foods, where they were asked to put the appropriate financial value for each food, according to their desire to eat, in the context of measuring their brain activity during the conduct of those a to experience.

The researchers re-tried again, but after an exchange of roles between the two teams involved in the mission, before the professors of the University of Cologne, that although both teams were willing to eat the next day, with the arrival of their sugar ratios to the same levels However, members of the group that have been deprived of adequate sleep have placed higher prices for the food products they have seen during the study, in an indication of the high value of those foods for them at this time.

The researchers in the sleep-deprived group also observed a clear rise in the proportions of the “des-acyl ghrelin” in their bodies, which is also associated with the hormone of hunger, which confirms that the denial of access to adequate sleep, in one form or another, is associated with increased appetite for food, and hence in weight gain.

Researchers believe that the secret of the relationship between lack of sleep and desire for food is due to the fact that the brain consumes more energy, during the stage when it is deprived of sleep, which eventually causes the body to increase its appetite for food.

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