the silence belt in Mexico | Mass death of animals and communications

“The Silence Belt.” That region, which is located in Mexico, on the latitude with the Bermuda Triangle, and the scholars are hot in interpreting it, is an alien phenomenon, which has proved the inability of scientists and experts to interpret its phenomena, and this region remains a challenge for human beings every day.

This area is located in the area of “Pyme” in northern Mexico, and is called a silent belt as a result of not being able to communicate with anyone inside, where there are no wireless signals, including telephone signals, radio and television, as the GPS feature is absent, and it is difficult for satellites to penetrate and see what Within it, this area is completely absent from the modern electronic world, as well as no one living in it, be it human or animal, the Void is the only control here, and has been called a belt to fall on the latitude with the Bermuda Triangle.

Some strange phenomena about the silence belt

Inside the belt of silence, strange phenomena, which cannot be explained, are described by analysts as a mystery, and one of the most important of these puzzles is the mass death of animals, from the loss of these animals a way within this area is certainly dead, and when we find that the dead animals inside the belt of silence in the form of gatherings Great, the explanation of this is complicated by the fact that there are no prey for these animals, as the animals die intact as they are and have no traces, and it is also astonishing that animals that feed on the dead are the example of eagles and take a and hyenas do not approach this place definitively, where the dead remains as they are to decompose.

Animals inside the belt of silence

In this area called the “Belt of silence” wonders occur, as the animals there behave in a strange way, in the past a group of researchers searched inside the belt of silence, and then one of them had a small dog, and as soon as he arrived to the area of the silence belt, the dog kept a sensation and continued to continue to bark, as the The dog moves in Doranism, and as the night went by the dog disappeared and did not know its effect yet.

Bird fall above the silence belt

It is known to all that the birds have a miraculous ability to identify trends as a result of the divine compass that God has given them, as they never leave the way, but above the belt of silence scientists observed a strange act in birds, as well as scientists spotted the puzzled birds over the area, where the birds lose their poise and does not return Her only if she came out of this area, as some birds happen to collide and fall.

Certificate of the local population

Some residents live around the silent belt area, and they are close to this area, so some say that everyone is afraid of it since childhood, because it has some incomprehensible, abnormal phenomena, some of whom say it sees strange circular objects flying over the sky of the Silence belt, as well as above this area passes Zipper with color.

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