The song “Hang Whites” goes controversial in France

Paris – The prosecutor’s office in Paris opened an investigation into an anonymous rap singer who became popular with social media by recording a video titled “Hang Whites”.

Nick Conrad became the biggest topic on Twitter in France after politicians from all walks of life denounced the song YouTube said it had deleted because it violated the site’s hate speech policy.

In the song, the black-skinned man is singing as he walks through a Paris suburb at night. The song includes a scene where a gun is pointed at a white man crawling on the ground and then hit him.

The song’s lyrics included calls to kill white-skinned people and their children.

“I totally condemn these vile words and this outrageous attack,” French Interior Minister Gerard Colom said on Twitter.

Marin Le Pen, leader of the far right, said the video showed a “racism against white” in France.

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