The strangest laws applied only in China

A gavel and a law book - China

Sometimes we feel that there are some strict laws, others are relaxed and non-deterrent, but in China it is a bit different, where the most ridiculous laws are published, including what is very logical and does not need to be adopted, and also incomprehensible, and these are examples of that.


It is not allowed to drive anyone with blindfolded!

Do not stab yourself

No one has the right to manipulate others by stabbing himself with a knife!

Spitting is forbidden
Men can not spit before the opposite sex of women.

opposite direction
You can drive in the opposite direction, just if you have a lantern hanging on your mobile phone!

Hit the wife
In Shanghai province, a man is entitled to beat his wife with a leather belt, but provided that the width of the belt is not more than 2 inches, unless the consent of the wife, then can be beaten with a wider belt !!

Every citizen must have a shovel.

According to your clothes
It is illegal to throw a person with knives if he is wearing striped clothes!

during work
No one is allowed to use wooden stalks or acrobatic crumbs while working in the construction of buildings and buildings.

The diabetic fish
Anyone found to be displaying fish for drinking is arrested.

Go back
The performer in the entertainment shows can not walk back and eat peanuts in front of the audience!

Whistling is prohibited under water.

When you are in China with a man over the age of 70, you have to bow to him and pray him too.

Reveal secrets
According to a royal law in China, death by torture is the punishment of those who reveal the secret of how to obtain silk!

Explosives inside the house
No one is allowed to store more than a ton of explosives in his basement!

Restrict children
Anyone who ties the feet of a child is punished, so that he prevents him from growing!

Do not save the sunken
Saving a person who drowns can put you under the law, where it is opposed to fate.

one child
It is not right for Chinese to have more than one child, or else they have been exposed to a very large fine!

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