The tallest statue in the world now in India (video)

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India is poised to uncover the world’s longest statue, have taken five years to build, at a cost of over $100 million, and millions of tons of cement and steel.

According to the Daily Mail, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to unveil the statue on 31 October on the anniversary of the birth of Sardar Vallabhai Patel, one of India’s founding fathers, who died in 1950.

The length of the statue is 182 meters, twice as long as the Statue of Liberty in New York, and the longest statue in the world is currently 30 meters long, the statue of the Buddha’s Spring Temple.

The interior of the statue has a hall that allows around 200 visitors to have a wide view of the surrounding area, and there is a hotel and conference room next to it.

The bronze statue is located on the bank of the Narmada River, in northwest India’s Gujarat state.

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