The technical specifications of the USB 4.0 port

The technical specifications of the new Universal serial Port USB 4.0 that look very similar to the Thunderbolt 3 port have been officially announced.

The full technical specifications are not finished as they need to end this year, but it can be said that the port is capable of transferring data at a speed of 40 GB per second, and the new port uses Thunderbolt 3 as its basis.

Thunderbolt Port dates back to 2011 when Intel developed it for Apple, aiming to speed up data transmission and expand its support for more protocols where you could use the port to connect screens, storage discs, and even peripherals, such as external display cards.

And with the third generation Thunderbolt 3 Intel has added a second-generation USB 3.1 support so you can connect a device that has a USB port via the Thunderbolt port. Thus, Thunderbolt ports have become USB ports but with wider capabilities.

However, this does not mean that you get the Thunderbolt speed by connecting the USB device to it, if you reach an external USB 3.0 storage disk via the Thunderbolt port, you will get only USB 3.0 speed.

In order to make the Thunderbolt ports more accessible, Intel provided them free of charge to companies without license fees and so the Thunderbolt 3 specification was merged with USB 4.0, which supports charging the 100w card and transferring video to two 4k screens or 5K screen and even supporting older generations such as USB 3.x , USB 2.x, USB 1.x

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