the type of music the Embryos prefers

Scientists from the Spanish Marquez Institute have discovered the type of music the Embryos prefers during the 18-38 week gestation period.

According to the results of the study published on the site of the Institute, scientists have followed the reactions of more than 300 embryos on 15 different songs played in multiple modes, and observed the interaction of embryos with classical music: Mozart, Bach and Beethoven, did not monitor reaction to the songs of Adele and Shakira and Begiz.

The researchers note that it is difficult to observe fetal movement during this period of pregnancy without additional stimuli. This study confirms that music provides a nervous stimulus and activates areas of the fetal brain that are related to language and communication.

We have so far unconsciously sought to speak out loud, because we know that newborns accept information better, that is, they understand that we want to speak out loud to Communicate with them. ” “said Dr. Marisa Lopez-Taihon, director of the institute.

The institute’s website notes that scientists are continuing to study the fetal response to different rhythms and melodies and its cause.

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