The United States ends the “friendship treaty” with Iran signed since 1955

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday that the International Court of Justice’s decision on sanctions against Iran was “a defeat for Iran,” although it ordered the United States to lift sanctions against humanitarian goods.

Pompeo said his country had already taken measures to avoid harming Iran’s humanitarian needs and that the resolution “categorically rejected all unfounded demands by Iran” to lift US sanctions in a comprehensive manner.

He also announced that the United States had ended the 1955 “friendship treaty” with Iran, which the court had based on to justify its decision.

Pompeo stressed at a press conference on Wednesday that the withdrawal of the United States from the treaty comes in response to what he considered Ā«Iran’s exploitation of the International Court of JusticeĀ».

“The complaint against Iran by Washington against the United States is an attack on the United States,” Pompeo said. He added that the United States would benefit from the dissolution of the treaty, noting that Iran has been using this treaty for many years.

However, Pompeo stressed that the United States would continue to provide humanitarian aid to Iran, but accused Tehran of “wasting” the money rather than improving the living conditions of the citizens.

Bombay also renewed accusations that Iran was behind the attacks on the US consulate in Basra and the US embassy in Baghdad early last month. “Iran is the current threat to Americans in Iraq,” he said. He added that the United States has intelligence information to confirm this.

He stressed that the United States “will continue to stand by the people of Iraq at a time when it draws its future based on its interests, and not on the dictates of Iran.”

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