The United States will withdraw from a historic nuclear treaty with Russia.

US President Donald Trump said his country would withdraw from a historic nuclear weapons treaty with Russia.

Trump told reporters that Russia had violated the Treaty on Intermediate-Range nuclear Powers (EF), signed in 1987.

The Treaty prohibits the manufacture of medium-range rockets fired from ground bases with a range of ranging km.

“The United States will not allow Russia to” proceed with the manufacture of weapons (while) we are not allowed to do so, “Trump said.

“I don’t know why President Barack Obama is not negotiating or withdrawing,” the US president said after organizing a rally of his supporters in Nevada. They have so far violated the treaty for several years. ”

Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev and US President Ronald Reagan signed the Convention in 1987
The United States insists that Russia, in violation of the Treaty, developed medium-range missiles called “Novator 9m729” and known to NATO forces as ssc-8.

This type of missile will enable Russia to launch a nuclear strike against NATO countries in a very short time.

On the other hand, Russia did not speak of its new missile except that it did not violate the nuclear treaty.

New amendments to the Nuclear treaty between USA & RUSSIA

However, analysts say Russia sees such weapons as a cheaper alternative to conventional forces.

The New York Times, Friday, said the United States is considering withdrawing from the agreement in an attempt to confront the Chinese military presence deployed in the western Pacific.

China has not been a signatory to the Convention, which has allowed it to develop medium-range missiles without any restrictions.

Despite his accusation, reports said President Barack Obama chose not to withdraw from the agreement after pressure from European leaders, who said such a plan would ignite an arms race.

The U.S. deployment of “Pershing ” and “Cruise ” missiles in European countries in the 1980s sparked widespread protests and political tensions.

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