Three different systems for fast diet before the wedding night

A lot of ladies worry before the wedding night about how the white dress will be on them, always keen to get a taut and sculpted texture without sagging to show the best picture on the night of life.

So, Madam, we offer you three types of diet, which can be regularly held two weeks before the night of life to lose about 15 kilograms quickly and ideally.

System 1: Corn Flakes Diet

It is a diet based on corn flakes and fruits only in daily nutrition, and can be relied upon for only two weeks so the body does not lose all the nutrients and vitamins within it.

As for this diet, it is as follows:
Breakfast: A cup of corn flakes, a teaspoon of white honey and a glass of warm skimmed milk.
After two hours the fruit can be eaten by apples.
Food: 1/2 Cup of corn flakes with a low fat milk and a fruit of pears or apples.
After two hours, you can take a bag of hot popcorn or double the cucumber or radish.
Dinner: A cup of corn flakes blended with a cup of skimmed yogurt.

System 2: Diet of 12 days

The duration of health to stay on this diet is only 12 days, and this period is divided into four groups each group includes three days one type of food is allocated in each group as follows:

The first group consists of three days: only fruits can be relied on in nutrition, such as apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries, melons, berries, etc. But prefer to stay away from figs, grapes and mangoes, because they contain a large amount of sugars.
The second group consists of three days: vegetables can be relied on in nutrition for the duration, such as cucumbers, radish, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, beans and broccoli, and should be away from potatoes and potatoes because they carry a large amount of fat and carbohydrates.
Group C: Eat yogurt with corn flakes or replace milk with yogurt, but it must be skimmed.
Group D: Eat only proteins, such as meat and grilled chicken only.

Third system: calories Diet

By calculating the calories that the body needs during the day, eating less food, for example:

If the body needs 100 calories per day, it is preferable to eat food that contains only 80 or 70 calories, and calories can be calculated easily by consulting a physician.

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