Tips for keeping luggage safe while traveling

Lost luggage is the biggest nightmare for any tourist, because as you travel, everyone carries the most important things like money, clothes, passport, papers and documents. If traveling is a job, losing them is one of the most difficult things to do while traveling.

But there are a range of tips you can apply to get rid of this nightmare that will help you keep all your bags in safety.

Get rid of old posters

Get rid of the old travel information labels immediately before and leave your new trip because this will make it easier to search for them if they are lost.

Completion of airport entry procedures early

Most of the lost luggage is for people who have checked in at the last minute.


Ask staff to put a “breakable” mark on your luggage, this trick will ensure you take your luggage special care.

Do not over-fill your bags

Do not overload a lot of things inside the bag so as not to become heavier, because the baggage transfer workers throw bags and if heavy will be easily broken.

bright colors

Choose a bag with bright colors but not too expensive to distinguish easily.

Check the safety of your luggage at each transit station

If your trip is indirect you must check the safety of your luggage at each stop.

Use a protective bag

Use protector or cover on the bag distinctly to distinguish and protect from scratches.

Insurance of valuable bags

Secure bags containing valuable equipment from the airport administration to prove their presence with you on board.

Tracking device for tracking

Buy a GPS tracking device that works via satellite to track its online track if it is lost.

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