Trudeau fulfills his electoral promise to legislate the consumption of marijuana in Canada

Canada, Wednesday, became the first of the group of 20 countries to embark on the consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes, this is a step that is arousing the enthusiasm of both consumers and financial markets in the country.

Since midnight local time (2:30 GMT), tens of people have defied a chill in St. John’s City for hours to Legitimately buy the first grams of Indian hemp in a chain store, specially opened to celebrate this historic event in the country.

With this decision coming into effect on October 17, 2018, Liberal Justin Trudeau has achieved one of the most prominent promises of his election campaign three years after his election as President of the Canadian Government, and Canada now is the second country in the world to allow marijuana consumption for recreational purposes, after Uruguay did at 2013.

The government has left each province free to choose how to organize this very lucrative market, which is estimated to be about 6 billion Canadian dollars a year ($4 billion).

This decision will undoubtedly reflect the results of next year’s legislative elections, which remain unclear and will be followed closely by Ottawa’s allies, some of whom have authorized the consumption of cannabis, but for treatment purposes.

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