Trump vows Putin in boxing

US President Donald Trump has promised a “very good” boxing against his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin during an election rally in the “Making America Great Again” campaign a few days before midterm elections in November.

Trump said in a rally in Minnesota that he might offer a “very good” virtual shootout in front of Putin, referring to the way the meeting, which the two presidents had previously held, was described by some media.

“They want me to go on a boxing match against Putin … I think I will do well.”

The comment was widely published on social media sites, especially Twitter, where activists commented on Trump saying they were waiting for it to be warmer. Others said that Putin’s fitness qualify him to win this virtual duel.

At a joint press conference with the Russian president, Trump said relations between the United States and Russia were strong, stressing that he trusted Putin’s statement that his country would not participate in any way in the 2016 presidential election.

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