tumblr loses 100 million hits per month due to ban on pornographic content

tumblr platform was renowned for hosting pornographic content from static and animated images, but decided to block and prevent the content from being viewed, which caused it to lose 17% of the traffic in just one month.

According to SimilarWeb Statistics Service data, tumblr service attracted 521 million hits for its total pages last December, and after the introduction of the pornographic content ban, its visits dropped to 437 million hits.

This retreat was expected, and the tumblr has originally banned pornographic content as a result of the removal of Apple for application from its store because the site contains child pornography. She then collaborated with Apple to remove the offending content to reapply the store.

tumblr hosts many blogs that display images and videos from the Internet that promote child pornography and are particularly popular with women, who receive more than 2 million visits per month.

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