Turkish Village use “Bird language ” among humans

Each country, city or village is distinguished from other places in the world with a culture, language, customs and traditions engraved in the peoples of the said places, where the difference and diversity find an attractive and interesting title.

One of these unique places is the Turkish village of Ganachi, which has gained worldwide fame because of the customs and traditions of its citizens, who have been able to solve the problem of communicating with each other for more than 400 years because of the vast distances between them, creating a method of “whistling” like birds and named Later “The language of birds “.

The villagers relied on the whistling language and passed on to the generations, where they started using word clips to communicate with each other rather than shouting and incurring the trouble and hardship of moving to the person to talk to him. The villagers were inspired by the language of the birds, which they considered capable of delivering sound accurately.

In the years, the villagers have created a “whistling” sentence for communication, transferring different news or even asking for something, and they have been able to forge conversations and words through the same whistling language.

According to the villagers of the Turkish village, the language of the whistling is a fast language and reaches the owner accurately and can sometimes reach through the neighbors who repeat the tone to deliver it to the person requested, and this language contributed to strengthen the relationship between the people who have become important family and social relations after all these years .

However, with the arrival of electricity and the advent of mobile phones, the language of “whistling ” began to lose its luster, especially among young people who are relying on technology for fermentation, information transfer and talk with their friends.

But the local authorities in the village are trying hard to keep the language of birds and make it more popular among young people by organizing festivals and annual concerts to promote the language of whistling and encourage young people to learn to never forget.

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