Types of headache and its causes

Headache is not a disease in itself, but it accompanies certain health conditions or is caused by unhealthy behaviors. Headaches can be eliminated either by painkillers or by the final elimination of the cause, but at the outset these causes should be known to avoid or treat them. Here are some types of headaches and their causes:

Lighting screens
Most people now spend most of their time in front of computer monitors or smart phones, and are therefore very bright. This lighting can cause headaches. This type of headache can be distinguished by symptoms such as blurred vision, fatigue Red eyes and neck pain. To avoid this type of headache, it is recommended to reduce the brightness ratio when using a computer or smartphone.

Inflammation of the arteries
This type of disease affects mostly people 50 years of age or older and is inflammation of the lining of the arteries, and symptoms of this disease headache accompanied by pain in the jaw and scalp, weight loss and blurred vision and heat, and doctors advise to treat this disease As soon as possible because it can lead to total loss of vision.

Body position
The position of sitting or standing has a large role in the exposure of one of the headaches, where the wrong situations can cause problems in the neck area and lead to the headache, accompanied by this type of headaches hardening in the muscles of the shoulders and high pressure on the muscles of the chest and neck, especially in the region Between the neck and the head. These symptoms can be reduced by correcting the position of the body when sitting and standing, and therapeutic massage can reduce its severity.

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