UAE’s Police trains to use electric flying bikes by 2020.

The United Arab Emirates plans to use the Russian-made “Hoverbike S3 2019” aircraft in police mobility.

The national newspaper reported that two police officers were training in driving the experimental means of transport, which cost 150,000 dollars.

The use of the jet bike is planned in areas that are difficult to access.

If the experiment succeeds, 40 more police officers will be trained.

The Director of Dubai Police’s Department of Administration, Khalid Marzouki, said the police are hoping to take the electric flying bikes by 2020.

The Federal news agency announced that the UAE signed a contract for the supply of bicycles with Russia in 2017.

It is produced by the company “Hoversurf”, which belongs to the Russian businessman Alexander Atamanov.

The bicycle was made of light weight carbon fibre and supplied with 4 rotary electric motors.

The bike can fly at a height of 5 meters above the ground and move in all directions.

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