Update to Google Maps now support electric car charging stations location

The world of electric cars is a small part when compared to the fuel-powered cars, and in each area there is a station to supply the latest cars with fuel, not as with electric cars, in this regard google took a step to make the lifestyle of electric cars more easily, It has updated its maps to support the display of electric charging stations.

To see the closest stations, users can type words such as “EV charging” or “EV charging stations”, so that the search results appear with small icons on the map, and when you click on this icon, the type and how many chargers are available on the site will be displayed.

This function will offer Tesla and Chargepoint stations around the world, as well as Semaconnect, evgo and Blink Chargers in the United States, Chargemaster and Pod Point stations in the United Kingdom and Chargefox in Australia and New Zealand, and companies with charging stations in the workplace will have Its affiliate section on its lists detailing the Chargers, visitors will be able to evaluate the charging stations and review them as is the case with any location on the maps.

Finally this feature is currently available on both Android and IOS since today, and will come to the desktop over the next few weeks.

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