US military official: Guantanamo detention prison will not be closed soon

A senior US military official said the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba, which includes prisoners accused of participating in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, will remain open for at least another 25 years.

“We have to make sure that our facilities can last 25 years after the US president’s decree,” Donald Trump, “on keeping the prison,” said Admiral John Ring, commander of the operational force of the US armies who manages the Guantanamo Bay, according to Radio “Europe 1 ” on Wednesday.

He said the Pentagon sent him a memo saying, “Prepare for the detainee’s stay open for 25 years or more.”

The radio reported that Guantanamo prison has not received any detention since 2008, but since its election campaign in 2016, “Trump” does not hide its intention to send more “villains” who are captured in Syria and Iraq to prison, and the decree that it issued provides for the sending of new detainees to him.

At the end of January, Trump had decided to keep the detainee open, in contravention of repeated attempts by his predecessor, Barack Obama, to close down the detainee condemned by human rights defenders, as the detainees were not tried by civilian courts but by military commissions.

The Guantanamo prison, which opened in 2002 to receive the first jihadists as part of the US military intervention in Afghanistan after the Sept. 11 attacks, included a number of prisoners, reaching 780. Currently, only 40 prisoners between the ages of 37 and 71 remain in detention.

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