Video: A devastating hurricane hits the Philippines and is heading towards Hong Kong, China and Vietnam

The Philippines was hit on Saturday by a devastating cyclone in the north of the country, where Cyclone Mankot hit the Philippines with winds of more than 200 kilometers per hour and heavy rain caused power cuts in many areas. Cyclone Mankot threatens the lives of some 4 million people in the north Philippines, and the hurricane is heading towards Hong Kong, southern China and Vietnam.

The cyclone, classified as Category 5, swept through the Kajian region of the main island of Luzon. The cyclone moved in the north of the country with winds of up to 285 km per hour. The authorities in the Philippines have transported tens of thousands of people in the northern regions. In sea water driven by the storm on its way between 3 to 6 meters.

The Philippine authorities said floods, landslides and extensive property destruction were expected and the wind speed associated with Hurricane Mankot was much higher than that associated with the hurricane of Florence, which caused electricity to be cut off from homes. Within two or three days in the United States of America, and the diameter of Cyclone Mankot about 900 million km.

The Philippine authorities have indicated that the storm will affect about 4.2 million people, mostly the poor, has been transferred from 36 thousand to 500 thousand people to the shelters, has been quoted by Reuters news agency said a meteorological official in the Philippines that the hurricane heading towards Hong Kong and South China And Vietnam.

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