Vivo Display the first smartphone without ports or buttons

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Vivo announced its new smartphone “Apex 2019 “, during a special event held in the Chinese city of Hong Kong, according to “The Virg”.

The company said that its new phone, works without outlets, and features a number of revolutionary features that may give a glimpse of the future of smartphones.

The phone came with a full-screen interface, all fingerprint sensitive, as users can unlock the phone by placing a finger on a place in the screen, where pixels will illuminate the place of the finger position.

The phone comes with no port or button including a headphone port and a “USB-C” Port, unlike the “meizu Zero” phone, which relies entirely on wireless charging.

The Vivo phone can be shipped through the magnetic connectors on the back.

It adopts on electronic slides esim, and does not come with any slots for the loudspeaker, instead depends on the technology of vibrating sound transfer.

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