Volkswagen I.D electric vehicles will run up to 550 km on single charge

Volkswagen is poised to transform itself in the future by introducing a new fleet of cars, the I.D, a full electric fleet and will reach its first cars in 2020.

The head of Volkswagen’s electric car division, Thomas Ulbrich, said sales of electric cars last year increased by 60% and the company expects to sell 150,000 electric cars annually in 2020.

He said that the Hatchback and ID Cross-IDs will achieve sales of 100,000 cars, The number reaches one million cars annually by 2025.

The fleet of electric I.D cars will be produced on the new MEB wheelbase for electric cars. According to Mr. Thomas, the range of fleet cars will depend on the vehicle category and the type of battery used, but all cars will have a range of at least 320 km and not more than 550 km.

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