Volkswagen unveils T-roc R 2020 with a power of 300 hp

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Volkswagen unveiled its new SUV T-roc R, which it intends to present at the upcoming Geneva Expo.
The front grille of the Volkswagen T-roc R starts from the front mesh, surrounded by a metallic silver aluminum frame, bumpers and larger front and rear air vents, with an exclusive 18-inch quad exhaust with a 19-inch black option, chrome side mirrors, rear spoiler, roof top, and black brake presses. With a black roof option.

In the internal T-roc R we see the R-character badges for high performance, multifunctional steering wheel with a switch pedal, black cladding and bottom pedals of stainless steel with standard white illumination.
The T-roc R has a 4-cylinder TSI turbo engine with a power of 300 hp and 400 Newton-meters for moment, connected to a 7-speed automatic DSG dual clutch, and a standard four-wheel drive 4Motion system, providing acceleration performance up to 100 km/s in 4.9 seconds.

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