Watch the first official video of SSC Tuatara With 1,750 hp

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SSC Company Limited production Supercars has unveiled a video of its newest car, tuatara.

Tuatara’s name comes from lizards that are very fast moving and live in New Zealand only.

The official car video is limited to imaging from the outside and we watch the design of SSC tuatara with a wide offensive design and distinctive lamps, it is true that there are no sharp lines but the car features a bold sculpted appearance including elegant air entrances and cooling exits behind the circles in the form of circuits adds a touch of elegance and excellence.

Engineering goes away under the Twatara structure where SSC engine developed a 5.9 liter V8 dual-turbo produces 1.350 hp with a regular fuel octane 91, with a power of 1,750 hp when using E85 fuel for high performance, and the engine holds fuel injectors per cylinder. An automated 7-speed manual transmission connects to the engine. With a vehicle weight of 1,248 kg only thanks to the use of carbon fibre and 0.279 air resistance coefficient, the performance and stability of the vehicle will certainly be standard.

SSC did not disclose a lot of performance figures, but promised that Tuatara would exceed the speed of 300 miles/s (483 km/h), a target for supercar producers such as Quinegsig and Hinissi.

In one of the pictures we see two other cars from SSC under white sheets, SSC did not specify what those cars are but the car looks the closest as a racing car, and the farther car looks small high-performance. In any case, Tuatara is expected to insist on roads by August.

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