what happens between Undertaker and Triple H at WWE Super Show-Down (Pictures + Video)

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On Saturday, the final wrestling match between wrestling stars, Undertaker and Triple H, was held in Australia at the Super Show Down.

It was set up at the personal will of Undertaker, who said he wanted to win over Triple H for the last time, ever since they were famous at the 28th Wrestlemania Festival in 2012, titled End of an Era.

WWE has made sure that Undertaker’s last match against Triple H is a very exciting one, allowing them to use all legitimate and illegal means, including wooden tables and Triple H famous hammer.

Kane, who always plays the role of Undertaker’s brother in the ring, and retired wrestler Shawn Michaels, who stood up to Triple H and tried to support him in every way were at the ring.

The surprise of the game, Triple H defeated the legend Undertaker, for the first time in his career, to collapse from tears immediately after the announcement of his victory, after sup-meting him.

Triple H and his friend Shawn Michaels tried to get rid of any possible grudge against Undertaker and Keane at the end of the game, but the latter did not want to be defeated and were surprised by the attack.

Tre Undertaker did his famous hit and Tombstone for Triple H while Kane throws Shawn Michaels At the commentators table outside the ring.

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