What is google Translatotron?

Google announces the development of a direct translation tool to talk “google Translatotron”.

When we talk about google, we cannot ignore the tremendous effort that Google has made to leverage its capabilities through updates and artificial intelligence technologies that have been added periodically, most recently through its blog by developing a tool named Google Translatotron, which is competent to translate the conversation directly; That is, without following the routine pattern of translating spoken speech by converting it to text and then repronouncing it again;

For more detail on this topic, instant Cubase Now adopts a phased translation system, i.e., if we use Google Translate for example in the conversation to translate from English to Arabic or vice versa, we will note that translation is done first by receiving speech from the microphone and then Convert to written text _ result in errors in many cases _ in the final stage it is pronounced according to the text, and this is what the company seeks to avoid in this tool with the inclusion of the translation to a tone similar to that of the same speaker.

This process will be done by analyzing and studying the speaker’s voice frequency quickly and dividing it into parts where the speaker’s tone is reached when translating from one language to another, but the tool is still in its early stages and the translated models tend to be mechanical audio output, but this never denies that the technology It would be a better time to launch.

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