What is the highest profit achieved by deceased celebrities so far despite their departure

Forbes magazine published a classification of artists who achieve the highest income for copyright royalty  after their death, noting that death is not a hindrance to gain high profits.

According to the list, the late American singer Michael Jackson was on the throne of the list with an annual income of $400 million.

The second place was occupied by the American rock and Roll star Elvis Presley, despite the popularity of singer albums, but the biggest income is achieved by the House of singer “Gramland”, which became a tourist destination for many lovers of the late singer, and gain Presley 40 million dollars each year.

The third place was that of American golfer Arnold Palmer, as the trade name of the athlete earned $35 million a year.

In the fourth and fifth consecutive year, the cartoonist Charles Schulz came with an income of $34 million, and Bob Marley, who collects $23 million annually.

The author of the late children’s books, Theodor Sosa, and the founder of the magazine “Playboy ” Hugh Hefner, Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon were also ranked in the top 10 rankings.

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