What the mosquito bite do into your immune system?

Scientists say that bites of mosquitoes provoke an allergic reaction in people, and because of the weakness of the immune system leads to the infection of different and in turn the injury of a variety of serious diseases.

Researchers studied the work of immune cells that activate after mosquito bites, where they can destroy the immune system within a week, whether the number of bites is large. And that the special activity of the immune system after stings is dangerous to human health.

During the experiments, researchers found that saliva mosquitoes blend with the structure of the immune system after the first sting, where malaria, dengue and other diseases can penetrate the body.

Thousands of people die from mosquito bites, said Professor Ricoh-Hess, a professor at the Baylor Medical School in Medicine. “The large numbers of viruses make it difficult to study the situation in laboratories in humans, while the study of animals is useless.

The mosquito bite stimulates the increased level of cytokine in the body – a protein or polypeptide or a glycoprotein used for signaling and communication between cells – while T-cells, a group of T cells in the blood that have an immune function in the immune system, , Where involved in the elimination of viruses and manifestations of sensitivity.

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