What the secret of natural temperature of the human body?

We know from our childhood that the perfect body temperature is 36.6 degrees Celsius, and that any change in this degree is evidence of an illness, but we never thought about the secret behind the value of heat.

There are two theories in this regard, each answer to this question in part:

Theoretical theory

It states that all living organisms on the planet are made up of about 80% water, the substance that keeps the life of the living and the earth warm. For example, the Pacific Ocean generates the largest amount of heat on the planet.
But water, in turn, is not as simple as it seems at first sight, meaning that water temperatures rise faster between 36-42 degrees Celsius, so living organisms keep their temperature at these limits.

 Theoretical theory

The authors of this theory of biologists and physics confirm that temperature 36.6 was the main reason for the survival of warm-blooded organisms alive to this day. Where billions of fungal colonies live on parasites, reptiles, plants, humans and others.

As is known, fungi can survive when the body temperature rises above 36 ┬░ C.

In spite of the two theories, the body temperature is not constant, and changes during different times of day. For example, the temperature of some objects in the early morning, 35.8 degrees Celsius, and in the evening to 37 degrees Celsius, which is quite normal.

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