What you do not know about synthetic marijuana

Cannabinoids or artificial Marijuana, a synthetic narcotic drug, have long been in the banned drug market, but they have recently caught the attention of serious drug users, raising the specter of serious drug abuse.

In the United States in mid-August, 71 people were exposed to an overdose of K2, one of the synthetic drugs, of which 6 were dying.

On August 19, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned against the spread of what it called synthetic marijuana because it contained a substance used in the manufacture of rat poison, and synthetic marijuana was proven to cause more severe side effects of about 30 times the normal marijuana.

Artificial marijuana has a relatively lower price, a stronger psychological effect on its users, and less odor than the natural marijuana, reducing the possibility of being detected in the urine of its users.

Theconversation shows that synthetic marijuana is a mixture of several substances, including K2 and AK47. The product is similar in its effect to the natural marijuana effect, but the synthetic contains substances with a stronger psychological effect prepared in a laboratory made up of plant materials that have been rotted with salmonella and heavy metals .

There are hundreds of Cannabinoids, or artificial cannabis, all of which stimulate a type of receptor in the central nervous system, to receive the effect of analgesics in small amounts.

As for the symptoms associated with the abuse, it is not possible to predict the severity and nature of the exact, unlike the symptoms of abuse of natural marijuana, but the common symptoms of abuse are anxiety, psychosis and paranoia, and may develop symptoms of irregular heartbeat and stroke.

It is noteworthy that some cases appeared on other symptoms such as problems in vision and convulsions, and disorders in the functions of the kidney and respiratory system.

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