when 5G will appears | shocking secret for smart phone owners

At the beginning of 2019, countries in the world are witnessing a new revolution in the world of communications and the Internet, the fifth generation networks.

The fifth generation is the next generation of cellular technology, which surpasses previous networks, in terms of speed, coverage and responsiveness of wireless networks, operating at a faster speed of 10 to 100 times than the current connection of smartphones, and even faster than anything that can be obtained, thanks to their nice use High-frequency broadband with a shorter range, but with a greater ability to transfer huge data over the Internet and with high quality, according to the U.S. “CNET” website.

The new speed of networks “fifth generation” reaches 4.5 Gbps, while the maximum efficiency of 4g networks is about 600 Mbps.

5G Advantages

The “fifth generation” network is designed to connect a much larger number of devices, compared to those provided by traditional cellular networks, thus allowing the concept of “internet stuff” to be easily applied, i.e., any tool or device in the home, street or work will be connected to the Internet.

Thanks to this, it will be easy to support this technology for many applications, such as smart cities, work and play in cloud computing and remote medical surgery, as well as virtual reality and self-driving cars.

New generation networks also adopt technologies that reduce load on devices, providing a solution to problems that deplete energy when the point of contact is remote from the user’s device.

Through the new “5th generation” networks, apps that work at the same time and that need to connect to the Web, get the same powerful internet speed to use without a particular service negatively impacting the speed of downloading content or streaming video or other activity at the same time on the device.

Shocking secret about 5G

One of the most important questions in the minds of many smartphone owners: will they have to switch their phones to a new one compatible with the fifth generation network, the answer is yes, because the technology “fifth generation” requires antennas and signal receivers are not available in the current devices.

Many companies have started to launch new phones that support such networks as a company “samsung ” and “Huawei ” and ” Xiaomi “.

The American company “Apple ” is preparing to launch its new phone “iphone ” in support of the fifth generation technology in the market during the year 2020.

5G Flaws and criticisms

Despite the amazing advantages that the “fifth generation” will provide, there are criticisms and disagreements about it, in its ability to control information security, the country that will first develop the fifth generation networks will have the advantage.

Companies in the country have developed devices with rear doors or electronic chips to control the security of the fifth Generation Network, which the U.S.

government fears

A leaked document of the US National Security Council, unveiled by the “Weard” site, notes the US government’s fear of China’s development of fifth-generation networks, which means China’s political, economic and military superiority.

Therefore, in January January, the U.S. government abruptly announced plans to develop a fifth-generation network to confront Chinese espionage on U.S. mobile devices.

But the problem is that the United States-owned network is less developed than the networks in China and South Korea.

When will 5G be available?

In January, Germany expressed its desire to build a “fifth generation” network quickly but securely.
In December December, the three South Korean telecom companies launched the 5th generation networks using a smartphone from Samsung To make the first video call through the first commercial version of the new network.

In Saudi Arabia, engineer Majid al-Mazel, deputy governor of the Communications and Information Technology Authority for technology and infrastructure, said that the commercial launch of the 5th generation technology is expected to take place in the second half of 2019, according to the Saudi newspaper “news 24 “.

More noted, the Kingdom has taken some measures to make it a former member of the world’s fifth-generation technology, which provides an early start to the kingdom on the expected global start of service in 2020.

Further, the measures taken included several aspects, including the following:

  1. Establishment of a national-level panel chaired by the Authority and participation of telecommunication service providers
  2. Facilitate import of fifth generation technology import devices
  3. Coordinating the communications authority with many governmental and private entities in the definition of the new technology.

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