Which is better for weight loss ? Running or walking?

It is unfortunate that a person makes an effort to lose weight without noting any positive results, especially with running almost daily, so it is evident that running is not the best way to lose pounds, compared to walking according to many experts.

Running has sometimes negative effect

While jogging is a healthy exercise, it is a little different for overweight people. Jogging burns calories, mostly muscle, not fat, which makes the body weak and unhealthy.

In addition, running jogging on the psychological side, the secretion of stress hormones, known as cortisol hormones, which cause an increase in the desire to eat, especially with the loss of calories from the body, ending up overweight.

This is another negative effect, caused by overload, with heavy weight running. The knee and joints are damaged, the exercise is difficult to sustain, and the body is later damaged by the pregnancy.

Walking is the best

On the contrary, walking for those who want to lose weight will have many advantages over running and walking for only 30 minutes a day.

Although the percentage of calories you lose will be less than those you lose when you run, it will not affect the body’s shape and muscles.

Losing weight slowly is a lot better than falling fast. Gradually losing pounds means that the body still maintains a calorie balance inside it, which means maintaining a steady state of health without any risk.
Psychologically speaking, walking does not increase the pre-indicated cortisol secretion, which increases hunger.

Also walking increases body secretions of the famous happiness hormones, serotonin and dopamine, which means feeling satisfied, as well as the enthusiasm to continue to practice that important sport for long period of time.

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