Which is more important diet or exercise?

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The American fitness instructor David Konrad published the most common question, and pointed out that this question is repeatedly addressed to him by followers of his website on fitness.

Which one is the most important diet or exercise?

Konrad replied that both are important, but the most important is determined by the goal, that is, if the goal is to lose weight only, in this case of course the diet comes first, then exercise partially as a catalyst for the process of burning more calories, and the types of sport that prefers Their practice in this case depends on burning the largest amount of fat in the fastest time, and the muscle building step comes as a last stage.

He added that if a person suffers from weight gain, he must first choose the diet appropriate for him and after achieving results can be introduced sport as part of the weight loss plan, especially that exercise improves metabolism and allows to eat larger portions of preferred dishes without upsetting the diet.

He stressed that at this stage the importance of dieting in achieving the goal exceeds 80%, but the goal is already achieved and reach the person to the appropriate weight, here comes the stage of vigorous sport to build muscles and coordinate the body so it does not look flabby.

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