White Henna | A magical skin lightening plant

Henna is a plant that has been cultivated for thousands of years because of its vitamins, compounds and powerful substances, which are involved in solving many health and cosmetic problems.

Henna can color the hair in different colors without any side effects of hair, unlike ready-made products sold in the markets and it works to soften the entire hair and treat its fall and breakage gradually, clean the scalp, remove fat and bacteria and prevent dandruff that affects the skin under the hair.

As for white henna, it has the effect of magic in lightening the face and the whole body. Here are some powerful mixes that lighten the area of the elbow, thigh, knees and sensitive area of the woman as well as increase the beauty of the face and lighten the color of two degrees by continuing one of these recipes for only two weeks..

First Mix

Two tablespoons of white henna powder.
Two tablespoons of baby soap (grated).
2 tablespoons of oxygen water 20%.
One tablespoon of yogurt.

In a deep bowl, put the oxygen water, then add the grated soap and stir until completely dissolved then add the rest of the ingredients of white henna and coffee and mix them well with each other, and leave them for two to five minutes before use and then put it on the body in the area to lighten, and it must be known that this mixture does not Fit the face or delicate area and can be placed on the elbows, knees, thighs and underarms only, leave it for five minutes and then wash the area with lukewarm water only and follow with moisturizing cream and can repeat this recipe three times a week to get the best results.

Second Mix

Tablespoon of white henna powder.
A tablespoon of rose water.
A teaspoon of almond oil.

This recipe fits all parts of the body with the face, all the ingredients can be mixed with each other until thoroughly intermingling and then singled out on the face and the whole body, leaving for a quarter of an hour and then washed with warm water only and can put moisturizing cream to increase the sense of softness, and repeat this recipe twice a week.

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