Whittier.. An American city that all its inhabitants lives in one building!

Have you ever heard of Whittier? It is a fantastic American city located in Alaska, and its graver is the secret that it embraces only about 200 people, all living in one building!

full City under one roof
If you’re going to the store, the hospital, the police department, or the post office, normally, you usually need a car to pick you up from one place to another, but it’s a lot different if you’re a resident of the American city of Wittier, where the 218 residents live according to the 2014 statistics, in the same residential complex that also includes the U section Police, hospital, school and small market.

The city of Wittier is of a special nature, making it secluded from other American cities, although it is less than 100 km away from Anchorage, surrounded by mountains on the one side, the ocean and the south coast of Alaska on the other, so the residents found their comfort in a single building very close to The services they need.

The inhabitants of Wittier live in a state of calm and stability, but it is not without the presence of some of the neighbors of animals within that still city, where the coast of the city contains a variety of wildlife creatures, such as the Eagles of prey, killer whales and marine deaths, which live free from humans without Concern on both sides.

Begich Towers Complex
Residents of the American city are launching a 14-storey housing complex with the name of the
Begich Towers complex, which dates back to the Cold War era in the last century.

It was founded in 1957 by the Begich Towers, to be one of the bases of the American army, but it became completely empty of soldiers in the 1960s, and the inhabitants of Wittier, fleeing the cold Alaska glacier, began to move to it since 1974, until it became composed of the inhabitants of all the remote city, as well as the rest Services built near it, in anticipation of harsh weather conditions that make it difficult to navigate from one place to another.

It remains to be noted that the visit to the city of Witter by tourists, requiring passage through only one road, is the tunnel of Anton Anderson, named after the name of the chief engineer of the Alaska Railway and former Anchorage mayor, a tunnel spanning more than four kilometers and one of the longest tunnels of the entire United States.

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