Who is Dina Powell? the closest successor to the US ambassador in the United Nations

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US President Donald Trump is considering choosing Dina Powell, executive director of Goldman Sachs and former White House adviser, as the new US ambassador to the United Nations, instead of Nikki Haley, who has decided to resign.

“We have many names,” Trump told reporters at the White House, before leaving for a meeting in Iowa as elections near Nov. 6.

Among those names, Trump named Dina Powell, a former US National Security Council official, as “someone I would think about.”

Powell was an important party in diplomatic efforts in the Middle East when, in the first year of Trump’s tenure, she served as deputy national security adviser for strategy.

Last December, when she announced her resignation after Trump officially announced recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said at the time that Powell had intended to stay one year in office, noting that her departure was not linked to the resolution on Jerusalem.

Dina Powell or Dina Habib was one of a handful of women who held an important position during the Trump era and were close to him in his first term.

Who is Dina Powell?

Dina Habib was born in 1973 in the Egyptian capital to a father who works as an Egyptian army officer and a mother at the American University in Cairo.

In 1977, her simple Coptic family decided to emigrate to Texas, where her father was driving a bus and running with her mother a grocery store in Dallas.

In America, her parents insisted on her education on Egyptian culture and mastering the Arabic language. “I wanted to eat turkey sandwiches and cheese with potato chips in a brown paper bag and instead I always ate grape leaves, chickpeas and falafel, Of course, I appreciate very much what you have done. ”

Dina excelled in her studies, studied liberal arts, and a mix of humanities, sociology, political science and criminology.

After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, she received a training course at the office of Republican senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, who is currently the US representative in NATO.

Dina Habib Powell is married to a PR man, Richard Powell, and they have a daughter, and reside in New York State.

$ 2 million a year

Dina Powell said her annual income was $ 2 million.

Her financial documents at the White House revealed in April 2017 that she had made an income of $ 6.2 million since 2016.

In the first months of 2017, it also generated income of $ 1.9 million.

The youngest assistant to any american president

Dina Powell, who speaks Arabic fluently, joined the administration of former President George W. Bush in 2003, becoming the president’s youngest aide when she was only 30 years old.

She has been Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs and Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Public Affairs and Public Diplomacy in 2005.

Rice described her as “one of the most effective personalities I’ve dealt with.”

Dina Powell work at Goldman Sachs

In 2007, she joined Goldman Sachs, where she was listed for jobs to oversee investment and charity programs and a $ 4 billion housing and community development program.

She oversaw a company that specializes in empowering 10,000 women through small businesses in developing countries.

The decision to shell the capillaries

In 2017, she returned to the White House, through Donald Trump’s administration, which in January of the same year announced her selection as a consultant to initiatives and economic growth.

“She is known for having a strategic vision in entrepreneurship and economic growth programs and is a crucial woman in many entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial businesses,” Trump said.

She is one of Ivanka’s closest advisers and assistants to her plan for women, which focuses on equal pay for men and women, women’s paid leave for family care and other issues of concern to women.

After her selection in the US National Security Team in March 2017, Powell was the only woman in the meeting room when a decision was made to bomb Syria’s air cap base in April of the same year.

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