Who is the Denis Mukwege “Bukavu Angel” who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2018?

The Swedish Royal Academy has awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to the Yezidis of Iraq, Nadia Murad and the Congolese doctor Denis Mukwege for their efforts to combat sexual violence as a weapon of war. Who is Denis Mukwege?

He is a Congolese doctor who was born on 1 March 1955 and is known as the “Bukavu Angel” for his relentless efforts to combat sexual violence as a weapon of war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Bukavu is located in eastern Congo, where Mukwege has established a facility to treat survivors of sexual violence.

Many see winning the award as the culmination of an ongoing effort without interruption for a long time.

Mukwege had been subjected to six assassination attempts, kidnapped his daughter and had to travel to Europe.

Mr Mukwege and his family were all forced to flee the Democratic Republic of Congo in October 2012 following the attack on the family home, according to his official website.

The latest assassination attempt came weeks after he delivered a speech at the United Nations in New York calling for justice.

The Congolese doctor had condemned impunity for mass rapes and had repeatedly criticized the Congolese Government for not doing enough to stop the use of sexual violence in war.

Despite the perilous dangers, Mukwege challenged the situation and returned to the DRC in January 2013 to continue his efforts to combat sexual violence in his hospital.

In October 2014 he won the Belgian Solidarity Award for his work in assisting victims of rapes in the Kivu region.

A group of humanitarian organizations had established the Solidarity Award with the support of Belgian official institutions.

Reports indicate that the doctor and his aides have succeeded in treating tens of thousands of survivors of sexual violence.

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