Why are hurricanes called feminine names?

Every year we see the news of hurricanes and storms that our planet is exposed to. Most often, hurricanes occur in North and South America, as well as in the South-East Asia region. But why are hurricanes always called feminine names? Today we will find the answer to this strange question.

Why do hurricanes give names. Why not be numbered according to their dates as they do with stars and planets? The site of Ecosever, the reason is that some places on our planet are exposed to several hurricanes and therefore in order not to confuse them give names. In addition, hurricanes are always repeated, so it is difficult to digitize them. Easier and simpler names like “Katrina ” or “Camilla “.

Before meteorologists and scientists decide to name hurricanes only feminine names, they give different names. Sometimes the name of the hurricane was linked to the place where it was formed or to the main area it was engulfed in. One example is hurricanes such as the Great Miami Hurricane of 1926, Cyclone Galveston, which almost completely destroyed the city of the same name or the New England Hurricane, which, as the name implies, was overwhelming in this region. Also, these devastating hurricanes were sometimes called a proportion of the days in which they formed, for example, Hurricane Santa Ana, which was named after the day of St. Ana. On this day the tornado struck Puerto Rico.

During World War II, meteorologists, as if they were joking, began to call the Hurricanes the names of their wives, protectors and daughters. Of course, all these names are feminine, hence this tradition came. The names were very resonant and memorable, but in 1950 they decided to give up the idea, having developed a complete naming scheme. Initially, meteorologists chose verbal alphabet (a system that helps dictate different words and blades during radio communication, the letter “A” pronounced “anton “, “b ” as “Boris ” and so on). In total, this system lasted 3 years, in 1953 it was recognized as complex. Despite the fact that it was easy to remember these codes, the population was already accustomed to female names and refused to accept innovations.

The Government of the United States then returned to the legislative level to name the Hurricanes in the names of the females. When a hurricane is named, the name is removed from the list, so the name of each hurricane is unique.

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